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In order to use e-shop, we invite you to join TIENS company by completing the application-contract form ("Fill in the form")
After filling we will send you via e-mail assigned TIENS ID number, with which you will have to register to become TIENS e-shop user (link on the left "Become a e-shop user ") and activate your account.

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How to use TIENS e-shop?

TIENS e-shop is available to registered TIENS users only, who filled in the application-contract form ("Fill in the Form"), received ID number and registered as TIENS e-shop users.
For more information, please see e-shop use manual ("Read manual")

If you have any questions, please contact us through e-mail: info@tiens.lt or by phone +370 52122212

Read manual

How to use TIENS e-shop

TIENS e-shop is available to registered TIENS users (distributors) only, who filled in the application-contract form, have TIENS ID number and registered as TIENS e-shop users.

Attention! Distributors, who began to buy TIENS products in e-shop and want to benefit from their accumulated commissions, will be able to buy in e-shop only in the future.

If distributor wishes to receive his accumulated commission in agency, in that case the commission’s discount will not apply to on-line orders.

How to register as e-shop user (with TIENS ID)

In order to get TIENS e-shop user account, you must specify your TIENS ID number and your e-mail.

1. On the main page click on the link "Become a e-shop user (with TIENS ID)” on the left side.

2. Please fill in the registration form (fields marked with star ( * ) are obligatory)

3. Please read carefully the Common rules and if you accept, please mark in corresponding field bellow.

4. Press “Submit”

5. If all fields filled correctly, during 5-15 min. the registration will be confirmed with a message, contains Log in details, sent to your e-mail.

Attention! Sometimes the registration confirmation messages in the inbox fall to the "Spam". Therefore if you don’t see confirmation message, we recommend you to check the section "Spam." The sender of the message is "Apache" and the Subject is  "TIENS activation”.

6. If during registration error occurs, you will be return to the registration form again. The fields containing errors will be highlighted. After correcting the errors please submit the registration form again.

Forgot your password?

If you are registered e-shop user, but forget your password you can any time to recover it.  You need to remember your TIENS ID and the e-mail, which  you submitted during registration.

1. Press “Forgot your password?” on the main page.

2. In the opened form, enter the requested information.

3. On your e-mail you will receive a message with new password. Please use it to Log in the site.

Note: we recommend to change this new password to more memorable.  

How to choose and add the products

1. After opening e-shop, on the left side of the menu please select the desired product category.

 2. Please select the product, indicate the quantity and press “Add to Cart”. If the product is added successfully, you will see the corresponding message. In case of an error you will see the error message. You can continue adding products or confirm an order. Products will be stored in the cart until order will be confirmed.

How to confirm an order

1. In e-shop at the top right click the "Your Cart"

2. There you could see:

2.1. The products which you selected;

2.2. Price (EUR), PV and BV per each product;

2.3. Delivery costs.Delivery costs. Delivery cost is calculated automatically depending on package weight and delivery address. There is a price of delivery to nearest post office according to your specified address (In Lithuania) or to home / workplace address in Latvia & Estonia.

In Lithuania you will receive a message from the post that there is parcel for you. If you want to receive parcel into the house or workplace, please indicate this in the comments box. For such parcels delivery fees are different. System will not count them automatically. 

2.4. Total" amount,  which is not yet final (it is without incentives and your commission discounts, home / workplace  delivery fees).

3. Before confirm an order please check that delivery address is correct.

4. If you have any comments please write in the Comments field (like the preferable delivery time, code on the door, additional contact information, wish to delivery to the house / workplace and etc.)

5. Click on the "Buy" and the order will be sent to TIENS office.

6. After receiving of your order, TIENS office 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) will send to your e-mail invoice  with the final payment amount and bank details to make a payment.

7. As soon as the payment reaches our account, your order will be sent immediately.

Editing personal information 

1. Please select "Profile"

2. Change the desired data.

2.1. If you do not want to change the password, leave the field empty.

3. Press "Save".

How to view orders history

1. Please select "Orders history".

2. Select an order and press "View".


3. You will see the complete information about this order.

Note: If you have any questions please fill free to contact us by phone: +370 52122212 or through the e-mail: info@tiens.lt