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How to use TIENS e-shop?

Please read our manual.

If you aren’t yet a TIENS consultant and you don’t have ID number,
please contact us through e-mail: info@tiens.lv or by phone +371 67240037
and we will tell you what needs to be done.

Currently product purchase is available to Latvia only!

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How to use this site?



For the Registration You need personal Tiens ID and e-mail  address!

1. On the home page please select Registration

2. Please fill the registration form (fields marked with *, obligatory)

3. Personal information

3.1. Tiens ID - Your personal Tiens ID

3.2. Verify Tiens ID – confirmation of Tiens ID

3.3. First Name

3.4. Second name

3.5. E-mail addrss

3.6. Phone, not obligatory 

3.7. Information about sponsor (if no sponsor you do not have to fill this field)

3.7.1. Sponsor's Personal Tiens ID

3.7.2. Sponsor's First Name

3.7.3. Sponsor's Second Name

3.8. Delivery address information

3.8.1. Country

3.8.2. County/province

3.8.3. City

3.8.4. Address

3.8.5. ZIP/Postal code

3.8.6. Password

3.8.7. Password confirmation

3.9. Please read carefully the user rules  and if you accept please mark in corresponding field seen bellow

3.10. Choose Submit

4. If all fields filled correctly the registration will be confirmed with a message, contains Log in details, sent to your e-mail address.

5. If during registration error(s) ooccure you will be return to the registration form again. The fields containing errors will be specially marked. After correcting the errors please submit the registration form again.

Note: in case you wish to change the Country you need to contact useither by phone +371 67240037 or  e-mail  info@tiens.lv 

Forget your password?

If you are registered user, but forget your password you can any time to recover it.  You need to remember Tiens ID and the e-mail address you submitted during registration.

1. Choose  «Forget your password?» on the home page

2. In the form to be appeared please indicate information you've been submitted during registration

3. On your e-mail address you will receive a message with new password. Please use it to Log in the site.

Note: we suggest to change this new password with the password you can to remember easily

How to choose and add the product(s)

1. In the left hand Menu please select the product cattegory your are looking for. Please note that there are also 2 special cattegories (New products and Special offers)

2. Please select the product and choose «Add to Bin»  and indicate the q-ty. If the product is added succesfully you will see the corresponding message. In case of an error you will see the error message. You can continue adding products or confirm an order. Products will be stored in the bin untill order is been confirmed.

How to confirm an order

1. Please Log in the e-shop and select  information up on your purchases, see right upper side

2. Please select the bin to see

2.1. The products list you selected

2.2. Price per each product

2.3. Delivery costs. The delivery costs are quoted automaticaly and depend from the weight of the parcel and delivery address

2.4. PV and  BV

3. Before confirm an order please check once again, that delivery address is correct

4. If you have any comments please write in the Comments field (like the preferable delivery time, code on the door, additional contact information etc)

5. Please choose the payment method

5.1. Credit card –  you will be automatically linked to secure payment system site. You need to enter all requested information. After the payment is done you will be returned to our site with the payment statuss details

5.2. Bank Transfer – you will receive an invoice, with full details needed for payment. 

6. After money beeing reach our account we shall dsipatch your order immediately.

Editing personal information 

1. On the home page please select "Profile"

2. Please edit personal data you wish

2.1. If you wish to change the country please contact us by phone  +371 67240037 or through e-mail: info@tiens.lv 

2.2. If don't wish to change the password please let this field empty

3. Please choose "Save"

How to view purchase history

1. On the home page please choose "Purchase history"

2. Select an order and press "To see"

3. You will get the complete information about this order

Note: If you have any questions please fill free to contact us by phone: +371 67240037 or through the e-mail: info@tiens.lv